© 2011 www.gartfurniture.com © 2011 www.gartfurniture.com © 2011 www.gartfurniture.com Creating the finest exotic hardwood furniture designs for you! The Art of Hardwood Furniture Designed Using something so naturally beautiful as exotic hardwoods for my medium, I create three dimensional art designs. I do this not only for the love of building sculpture furniture but I enjoy bringing pleasure to people’s lives, to put a smile on their face. I don't believe there is anything more inviting, and warm, then a beautiful piece of exotic hardwood art furniture finished in its natural color. I use a large variety of woods, for their color and texture, and combine them with carving and inlay.  I want every piece to be striking at first view But also to have the highest quality of detail for close examination. My objective is to have a quality of design so as to draw one's attention away from the cares, burdens and heart aches of life, at least for a time, and to give them something beautiful, something pleasant to talk about, think, and dream about. I have developed my skills and techniques over the past 30 years and have brought them to bear in this Internet gallery of hardwood sculpture furniture. All the designs are original, and most of my pieces are one of a kind. Selecting the wood & Inlay Once the design has been completed, selecting the wood is of utmost importance. The surface must be checked for defects, and the moisture content verified. Improper drying causes shrinkage and warping. Choosing hardwood is different for every piece. There can be a variety of grain, color, texture, and figure, selected in a single type of wood or multiple types of wood for each piece of furniture. This will depend on the design and the feeling that I’m wanting to express in the piece, for the overall appearance and for the closer more in-depth examination.