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The maple Rose Bouquet Tri-Cluster, for more information, or to purchase this piece click here Luxury Cedar chest The Nightingale Cedar Chest is one of our hand crafted, high-end, luxury art furniture pieces.  It displays the beautiful rich color of black walnut and wenge, and very intricate hand carving. This art furniture piece is bold and masculine by design, complementing a large variety of contemporary, antique, and old world furniture styles. The male Nightingale is known for its song, particularly in the night hours.  The Nightingale migrates from its breeding grounds in south-west Asia and Europe to southern Africa where it winters.  As you examine the Cedar chest, you will see a connection with the wood chosen for its origin, its name, its color, the design of the chest and the subject.  It is 27 inches high, 26 inches deep and 57 inches long.  There is plenty of storage space in the belly of the chest.  As you open the lid of the chest, the small boxes on either side of the center compartment are extracted by removing their lid and lifting at the finger grips (the finger grips are at all four corners of each box).  There are two boxes that stack at each end of the Center compartment.  When the two upper boxes at either end of the center compartment are removed, the large center box itself can then be removed by lifting at the finger grips, at each end of the box. The finger grips for the large center box is a comfortable groove cut on the outside of each end. Click on the images for a larger view For pricing of the Cedar Chest please fill out and submit the form below. If you wish to purchase using your credit card please do so through PayPal. You may also use PayPal to purchase directly from your bank account if you wish. Contact Us Beautiful handcrafted, original, luxury art furniture, Cedar Chest © 2011 www.gartfurniture.com