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The maple Rose Bouquet Tri-Cluster, for more information, or to purchase this piece click here We create extravagant fine art furniture, designed with no limit on time or materials, but for the love of High-end furniture, hand crafted Maple Dresser The Portly Chest of Drawers is an original contemporary piece of high-end, luxury deco furniture, a bit removed from the glamorized interpretive old world sculptured furniture, being my first love.  However I enjoyed crafting this piece of furniture, as much as any piece I have ever done. The design of this piece came to me in an instant, as my wife and I entered a grocery store, a very portly, I say a very portly woman, walked in front of us – IMMEDIATELY I had an image of a chest of drawers.  I said to my wife, she's going to be my next piece of furniture.  My wife doesn't really appreciate me telling the story of how this piece was inspired, but it's good to laugh, even if it isn't politically correct. The Portly Chest of Drawers is 5 feet tall, 5 feet 1½ inches wide and 24 inches deep, (Get the picture?) made with four different types of hardwood.  The beveled mirror is adjustable. Click on the images Of the Maple Deco Dresser for a larger view For pricing of the Maple Deco Dresser please fill out and submit the form below. If you wish to purchase using your credit card please do so through PayPal. You may also use PayPal to purchase directly from your bank account if you wish. Contact Us Maple Deco Dresser, high-end furniture, one-of-a-kind Click on an image for a larger view © 2011 www.gartfurniture.com