© 2011 www.gartfurniture.com © 2011 www.gartfurniture.com © 2011 www.gartfurniture.com Shipping Policies The payment and shipping policies of Gallivan's Art Furniture are for the protection of the buyer and the seller, to ensure that you the buyer, receive a smooth and trouble-free experience in all of your transactions with Gallivan's Art Furniture. All forms of payment must clear before the item is shipped. If you pay by personal check the item cannot be shipped until the check clears, which generally takes five business days from receipt.    No sales tax is charged on your order unless orders delivered to Idaho or the buyer is a Idaho resident. If you choose to use your own shipping company Gallivan's Art Furniture will under no circumstances pay for the shipping costs in advance of full payment. Shipping companies that are not nationally recognized, will under no circumstances be allowed to ship any item. Featured item: Anniversary or Engagement ring hand carved Long Stemmed Rose Bouquet  For our Return policy click here Purchasing An invoice will be e-mailed to you, this will include:     *            o Cost of item           o Shipping           o Insurance           o Duties & or taxes   Options From your invoice you will have the option to  use PayPal for a fast smooth transaction. There is no cost for this service. PayPal protects your private information. PayPal accepts: Visa Discover MasterCard American Express E-Check PayPal also allows you to purchase through your bank account if you prefer. Allow up to 5 business days for the following payment options to clear: Personal or Business Check Shipping & Delivery  Available Shipping FedEx Custom Critical White Glove Service will be used to ship most of our luxury art pieces. They are an express service that takes only 2-4 business days for arrival. FedEx Ground may be used in some cases for the continental USA, which takes 2-3 weeks for rival. Gallivan’s Art Furniture, LLC, will deliver to Idaho and surrounding states.   Cost and Delivery Estimates will be provided upon receipt of destination and finalized on the contract. Shipping is not included in purchase price.   Quality Guarantee All pieces will be shipped fully insured.  Shipping companies inspect all art pieces for damage before pickup. Gallivan’s Art Furniture, LLC, requires a signed release stating that peace was delivered without damage. Questions Contact Mark via e-mail or phone. Payment & Tax All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. We accept many credit cards including VISA, American Express, Discover and MasterCard only through PayPal. If you pay by personal check, the order can not be placed until the check clears, which generally takes 5 days from receipt. No sales tax is charged on your order unless the order is delivered to Idaho or the buyer is a Idaho resident. Please contact us with any questions regarding our policies.