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The maple Rose Bouquet Tri-Cluster, for more information, or to purchase this piece click here We create extravagant fine art furniture, designed with no limit on time or materials, but for the love of High-end furniture, hand carved rosewood The Rosewood Table is Luxury fine Art, high-end furniture, hand carved in the world's most precious exotic hardwoods.  The Rosewood table is one of a kind.  There was no specific period in mind when I created the design; however, I did want it to have a certain old world flavor. This is my interpretation of centuries gone by.  Its beauty and its art are glamorized in the Rosewood Table, along with the Sculptured Chair and the Rosewood Lamp.  The Rosewood Table is so named for obvious reasons.  The ring, the decorative supports reaching down to the base plate and the feet are hand carved in Indonesian Rosewood.  The lavishly decorated Madagascar rosewood  table surface is inlaid with 12 different kinds of hardwoods.  Purple Heart, a beautiful burgundy hardwood was carved to create the rose, the leaves scattered across the surface of the table, and the skirt, which drapes over the feet. This oval Rosewood table, took nearly 1600 hours to complete, is 40 inches long, 18 inches wide and 34 inches high.  Click on the images for a larger view For pricing of the Rosewood Table please fill out and submit the form below. If you wish to purchase using your credit card please do so through PayPal. You may also use PayPal to purchase directly from your bank account if you wish. Contact Us Hand carved & inlaid Rosewood Table, original, one-of-a-kind Click on an image for a larger view Click here for Page View © 2011 www.gartfurniture.com