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The maple Rose Bouquet Tri-Cluster, for more information, or to purchase this piece click here We create extravagant fine art furniture, designed with no limit on time or materials, but for the love of This throne is fit for the Crown, it is one of the most elaborate high end furniture pieces we've ever created. While we understand an extravagant piece like the Throne may only be considered for purchase by the wealthy, we invite everyone to tour our gallery and hope you enjoy your time with us. If you have need of fine art furniture designed for your luxury homes or luxury hotels we are here to accommodate you. The lavishly decorated throne consumed over 8000 hours before it was completed in November 1998. The sculptured chair or the "Throne" is 8' 2 1/2" tall, 5' wide and weighs over 400 pounds. The throne has beautiful hand carved ornamentation in precious exotic hardwoods throughout. Pink ivory, a sacred wood of Zulu chiefs in Southern Africa, has long been treasured as a rare wood. It has been said that anyone handling pink ivory other than Zulu royalty was punished by death. The pink ivory tree grows predominantly in Mozambique Zimbabwe and South Africa, and takes hundreds of years to reach a size suitable to make a bowl blank. This precious wood has been hand carved and inlaid in various locations on this throne, adding beauty and vibrancy that no other wood could do.  In the design of this throne there are 1800+ inlaid pieces, many elegant hand carved roses, marquetry and sculptural carving, using 25 different kinds of exotic hardwoods including: Pink Ivory, Ebony, Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut,  Purple Heart, Birdseye Maple and many others. This luxurious chair is high-end art with a classical appearance.   Click on this image for a larger view For pricing of the Sculptured Chair please fill out and submit the form below. Contact Us For the dimensions and a description of this piece please click here High-end furniture: beautiful hand-carved inlaid chair Page View click image for its page © 2011 www.gartfurniture.com